Addicted to Sugar?


Addicted to Sugar?

Being addicted to sugar may conjure up images of gorging on huge amounts of sweets and chocolates all of the time, but for me, it’s not like that. Addiction is a strong word and you might think it is too strong a word to use when talking about sugar, but here is a basic definition I pulled from the web:

Addiction: “Persistent compulsive use of a substance known by the user to be harmful”.

Note the words persistent and compulsive, the word “occasional” doesn’t feature.

Eating chocolate, biscuits, and sweets on a regular basis, especially when I know I probably shouldn’t, to me is persistent use –and yes I know I do that along with millions of others. Eating a whole (big) bar of chocolate or a whole packet of biscuits is on occasion compulsive. When I do those things I know it is harmful to my body but I do them anyway. Exactly how harmful is hard to measure, but I know enough to know it’s not doing any good. Heart disease and diabetes don’t happen overnight, they take time to develop. That’s why giving up sugar is so hard, because eating a bar of chocolate today isn’t going to kill you, but eating a bar of chocolate, a packet of sweets or drinking a can of coke every day for weeks months and years is going to have an impact in later life.

Giving Up Sugar

So I have tried giving up sugar many times before but without success. Either I didn’t try hard enough or I haven’t enough willpower or both – but does that make me addicted?

In my eyes, it does, at least in some form. I have wanted to stop eating sugar, but can’t for whatever reason. Something is stopping me from following a sugar-free diet and has done so for years and this is what I want to overcome, especially as I get older.

Is it ruining my life in the same way many other addictions can? Of course not, but that doesn’t make it any less important to me. I also think millions of others fall into this category but are not aware of it because they are eating sugar on a regular basis, feeding the habit and therefore not experiencing any withdrawals.

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