Sugar-free Diet – Monitoring progress Part 2


Sugar-free Diet – Monitoring progress Part 2

Cumulative index (again, please bear with me)

This just allows me to keep track of daily progress over time. The index starts off at zero and then goes up or down depending if it is a +1 or -1 day. There is no need for me to religiously note down the +1’s or -1’s every day because it is pretty easy to remember, even over a week, how many days have been +1 and how many -1.

If you are wondering why an index, it’s because my background is finance and I think it may help get me where I want to be. The idea is that if I look at the index on a chart over time and the index level is going up, then this tells me I am making progress. So even if I have a day when for whatever reason I have eaten lots of things I shouldn’t have, as long as the general trend is up then perhaps it will help me focus on the overall positive picture and not the negatives.

My sugar-free diet – Honesty

All the above means nothing if I am not being honest with myself or anybody reading this blog. Without honesty then me giving up sugar doesn’t stand much of a chance of succeeding. Only I know what days have been ok sugar wise and I will record them on that basis. If I don’t do that then I’m lying to myself and anybody reading and wouldn’t be getting anywhere close to the benefits a sugar-free diet could bring. I guess that is one of the reasons people decide to start a blog, especially if it involves a transformation of some sort because it brings it out in the open. As I have already mentioned I have tried to do this a number of times before but have failed, but nobody knew about those attempts but me, so in my eyes, it wasn’t too important. This time though it is out in the public domain so hopefully it will give me a bigger motivation to make a go of it.

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